Freeself is a practice combining movement, sounding, dance, meditation and mindfulness in order to melt physical and emotional blocks in the human body and unlock overall freedom.

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Thursday | 10th June | 18:30 BST

Free session for Women to enjoy energising dance, movement, meditation and welcome June’s New Moon with some intention setting.

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Our Classes

The studio runs group classes and workshops online, where all levels are welcome.

We also offer basic individual classes to help you find the confidence you need to get to know your body.

For more information and insights about Free Body and Mind lifestyle, please visit our blog.

Our Philosophy

We are all born free to move, free to think and free to be who we are. It is important to remember this, and start noticing your true needs. Here we nourish that freedom and inspire women to feel joy daily.

Explore mindfulness through dance, movement, improvisation, breath work, sounding and other creative practices. Feel alive and free to just be!

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